Between now and August 24, 2012, contact The Bigoski Agency for a quotes on auto, home, and/or renters insurance and a $25 donation will be made to Mission Sleep.  Mission Sleep provides free overnight newborn care to mothers whose husband are deployed or deceased. 

To receive your quotes, there are several options:

  1. Complete the “5-Minute Quote” form(s) at  IMPORTANT:  Click “Mission Sleep Fundraiser” on the “How Did You Hear About us” question.
  2. Call Tom at 571-969-3743 and mention Mission Sleep.
  3. Email copies of your current policy(ies) to [email protected]

Purchase of a policy is not required.  No obligation.  No strings attached.  No lame sales pressure. However, you may save so much money on your insurance that you will be inspired to make a donation to this wonderful local charity!



 The Not-So-Fine Print

  • Purchase of a policy not required.
  • The only requirement is that you complete a quote with the Bigoski Agency. 
  • While we promise zero sales pressure, it is required that you complete a quote.  So just emailing your name and car you drive won’t get it done.  
  • All of the information on must be completed. 
  • Don’t worry, we don’t ask for your blood type or SS#. 
  • Limit of $25 donation per household. 
  • Current ERIE Insurance customers are not eligible.
  • Restricted to VA, MD, DC, and PA residents only.