1. 5 Things That Aren’t Covered By Home Insurance

    (So first I probably need to insert the mandatory disclaimer. Insurance policies vary and you should check with your insurance agent/company to determine which coverage applies to your specific situation.  Also, this blog post is intended to be informational and not a guarantee of coverage or lack of coverage for your particular policy. And finally…this … Continued

  2. A Dozen Easy Ways to Keep Cold Air from Entering Your House

    (Article written by Amanda Prischak from Erie Insurance) There’s nothing like returning to a warm home when it’s freezing outside. Yet cold air has many sneaky ways to follow you into your home. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to keep yours toasty all winter long. These 12 tips will help you keep cold air … Continued

  3. Life Insurance: Procrastination Can Cost You

    Before this starts to sound like another insurance salesman telling everyone in the world that they need life insurance and to hurry out and buy it today, let’s go over a few things.  First of all, ask yourself this question:  If I die tomorrow, would my death negatively impact anyone financially?  In other words, is … Continued

  4. Five Things to Know as Hurricane Season Approaches

    The Mid-Atlantic region has seen some tough hurricane seasons over the past 5 years. While proper insurance coverage doesn’t normally seem to be a priority, it does become top-of-mind when severe storms are looming. If you have concerns about rain water, heavy winds, fallen trees, and lost power, “Am I covered?” is much easier to … Continued

  5. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Get Home Insurance

    With home-buying season in full swing, I wanted to re-emphasize how important it is to not wait until the last minute to get your home insurance in place.  Some realtors, some mortgage lenders, and some title companies may have you believe that home insurance is easy to get.  In many cases, they are correct.  But … Continued

  6. Tom Bigoski on The Joe Arroyo Show

    Recently, I was a guest on The Joe Arroyo Show.  Joe is a Financial Coach for Dave Ramsey and his website is www.JoeArroyo.com.

  7. BIG Service Impact

    Local Businesses Recognized for Excellent Service (I wrote the following article for the May 2012 issue of Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine) A few weeks ago, I called Pei Wei Asian Diner in Gainesville to order dinner for my family.  We tend to order our favorites every time:  honey chicken and Mongolian beef.  The cool thing about … Continued

  8. International Proof of Insurance

    If you know someone who lives in another country and is planning to relocate to the United States, this brief blog post should be shared with them…it will save them thousands of dollars! Prior driving history is a big factor in determing your auto insurance rates while shopping around.  Most insurance companies want to see … Continued

  9. Be Safe This Halloween

    It is that time of year again.  Scarecrows begin invading front porches, jack ‘o lanterns start popping up in every window and the preferred method of transportation is a hayride.  Autumn has arrived and Halloween is here.  Here are some tips for a healthy, safe Halloween:  Trick-or-Treaters Carry a flashlight. Stay on sidewalks, do not … Continued

  10. Five Things to Keep in Mind for the Next Hurricane

    August will go down as one of the most eventful weather/natural disaster months in Northern Virginia’s history.  While most people rarely think about their insurance, I’ll bet most of you asked yourself the question “Am I covered?” at least once during the past few weeks.  Fortunately, Irene’s bark was a lot worse than her bite.  … Continued